Excel: Extract Variable Length Text Separated by Dashes ??

i have been reading the topics that contain the phrase "extract text" and as a newbie am having trouble finding one that works for me i am a stamp collector and keep a spreadsheet of my stamps i enter the image id, number and condition separated by dashes into the column named "Image ID" and then break that data out manually and put the information in adjoining columns "Country", "Catalog", "Condition"

Image ID Country Catalog Condition
peru-209-used.jpg peru 209 used
switzerland-b10-mint.jpg switzerland b10 mint
greatbritain-4155-mint.jpg great britain 4155 mint
is there some way to do this with a text function so when i paste the data in the "Image ID" column i can just fill it automatically into the others?
  • please note that many countries have a space between their names and vary from quite short to fairly long,
  • catalog numbers sometimes include letters and are between 1 and about 6 characters long
  • condition is always either used, mint or MNH
if there is a better way to initially name the image that makes extraction easier, i can change (i must name them manually) to any string i want that has the country-catalog-condition, like, if using / or _ is better than dashes, i can do that any help would of course be appreciated

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