Excel: Extract Unique Values

Hello everybody I have data in range (A1:A5) the value A and in range(A6:A10) the value B and in range(A11:A15) the value C Three values in column A : A,B and C In column B different values

A s
A f
A d
A d
A f
B r
B q
B u
B t
B x
C n
C m
C k
C p
C p
I want to extract unique values of Column A to Column E The result should be : E1 : A E2: B E3: C In F1 ,G1 and H1 the values should be : s f d In F2 , G2 ,H2, I2 and J2 the values should be : r q u t x In F3,G3,H3 and I3 the values should be: n m k p I want the solution to be in formulas Thanks advanced

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