Excel: Extract Text from Middle of Alphanumeric String Up to a Number

Hi guys, I'm having trouble figuring out how to complete this data cleanup: I have a list of items that all follow the same format: 123456789012 Abc company 5 10-04-2013 bcdefgh company y p The items were copied and pasted from a PDF file, hence the messiness, and the misalignment of the columns... They all pasted over into one column, and I was able to start extracting text. Some notes about the data: 1. They all start with a 12-character code that is followed by a space before the company title. 2. The company titles are all different lengths, which is why delimiting would not work. 3. Each company name is followed by a number, and then a date, and then another description... My question is, how can I pull the "ABC company" part out the string without pulling the rest of the string? In other words, I want to pull the text UP TO a number. So in this case, "ABC COMPANY" up to 5. So far, I have been played around with mid, len, find, search... But haven't been able to figure it out. I've tried also basing it off the =left(a2,min(find...) but couldn't get it to work within the MID function. Thank you!

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