Excel: Extract only number from same cell

I would like to extract only the number from the same cell, but there is too many character in the cell, Chinese wording, decimal point, slash and other things. I have list some of sample for reference [FONT=Lantinghei SC]94235127曾生/66932742/[/FONT] [FONT=Lantinghei SC]先電*馬小姐94848842/98281231 [/FONT]尹生93100051/61088053 91410075 陳生67371896 [FONT=Lantinghei SC]收貨人:楊小姐96113854/90293009 [/FONT] What I need is extract the number and group it together, just like 先電*馬小姐94848842/98281231 -> 9484884298281231 998293829 / 66829188 -> 99829382966829188 91410075 陳生67371896 -> 9141007567371896 Is that possible?

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