Excel: Extract numbers - exact values?

Hello dear MrExcel's How to extract value from right, from an aray of data?

CMR: 30.501 litres, rest 11.000 for Barack Obama.
Cmr:31.700L but 5000 goes from R-7 to John Kerry.
cmr: 30000 L rest goes 500 to WhiteHouse from R-7
tHESE are only three examples, three rows of data, they are different but simmilar, How to extract 11000 5000 and 500 and Sum that? This is impossible 'cause they are different, one start with "rest 11000", second starts with "but", third with "goes"....If i extract numbers i get 3050111000 3170050007...... Any help would be kindly appreciated, Thanks!

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