Excel: Extract Gender from I.D. Number

Hi all, There has been a post previous to this regarding Extracting I.D. But I cannot seem to access it. Also that Solution has not worked for me. 1) I need to extract the gender (Male, or Female) from I.D. Numbers. If my I.D is 580803 0162 086 The 7th Number tells the gender. If that number is anything from 0-4 it is Female If that number is anything from 5-9 it is Male I am typing the number directly into a cell with no "I.D." IN front of it. e.g. (5808030162086) then i am formatting cell to number then getting rid of the decimals. I am using Excel 2010 from Microsoft Office Professional 2010. 2) I seem to be having a problem when copying a formula to a cell, i.e. say from the internet. It will not work. I have ensured that "show formulas" is enabled. Hope someone can assist me on these issues.

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