Excel: Extract data from pivot table into the table and batch print using VBA

Hello, I need an advice for this matter (all bellow mentioned is done using VBA): - I made user form to enter data and save it to the spreadsheet in the same workbook; - So I have spreadsheet with source data for further usage; - From this source data I am generating various pivot tables - reports for our business; I can do all the above and it works fine for me. Now is my task to: - Extract data from one of the generated pivot tables; - Put this data (every single row from the generated pivot table, not only the totals) into my own table (delivery list form which we hand over to the buyers); - Batch print of the delivery notes (could be 30-50 rows per batch), it means at first to fill the delivery note with the data from the pivot table row 1, print it and then to do the same with the row 2, row 3,.... till the end of the pivot table. Any ideas? Thank you

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