Excel: Excel won"t display currency format?

I'm using the formula bellow for a cell that I have formatted to currency but will not show as such. I'm using excel 2010. Does anyone know how I can get excel to recognize this as currency? Thanks in advance. =IF(D3="Loader",E3*135,) &IF(D3="mini",E3*90,) &IF(D3=350,E3*185,) &IF(D3=190,E3*145,) &IF(D3=160,E3*135,) &IF(D3=150,E3*135,) &IF(D3="Excavator With Large Breaker",E3*335,) &IF(D3="Excavator With Small Breaker",E3*240,) &IF(D3="Five Axle Dump",E3*98,) &IF(D3="Four Axle Dump",E3*95,) &IF(D3="Dump With Pup",E3*110,) &IF(D3="Water Truck",E3*85,) &IF(D3="Truck",E3*60,) &IF(D3="Truck With Trailer",E3*65,) &IF(D3="Dump With Trailer",E3*98,) &IF(D3="Truck With Dump Trailer",E3*65,) &IF(D3="Skid Steer",E3*70,) &IF(D3="Big Plate",E3*125,) &IF(D3="Small Plate",E3*50,) &IF(D3="Jumping Jack",E3*50,) &IF(D3="D6",E3*150,) &IF(D3="Backhoe",E3*95,) &IF(D3="Labor",E3*35,) &IF(D3="Hubber",E3*70,) &IF(D3="Water Trailer",E3*85,) &IF(D3="Water Truck",E3*85,) &IF(D3="Small Roller",E3*35+300,)

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