Excel: Excel VBA Macro Help. Copying data from one sheet to others based on certain criteria

Hello, I need some VBA macro help, I have been unable to figure out a good solution on my own. I currently have a workbook with 4 Sheets. Data is imported into the first sheet named Data. It contains 5000+ rows and populates data in columns A thru G. I then need to examine each row in column A and if it starts with a @ then it along with columns B thru G needs to be copied into a sheet called “Result1”, if it starts with a $ then the same thing happens but it is copied into a sheet called “Result2” and finally if it starts with anything but @ or $ it gets copied into a third sheet called “Result3”. Before this macro copies the data it also needs to clear out columns A thru G on the Results sheets but not clear them entirely because there are formulas in the columns after G. If anyone could help me or point me in the correct direction it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mike

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