Excel: Excel UserForm Dependent ComboBoxes

I have researched Excel userforms for hours looking for a way to make a combobox dependent on another combobox. For ComboBox 6 my named range is ProjectNumber coming from my Lists Tab column E. Currently there are 8383 values on the sheet. For ComboBox 7 my named range is TaskNumber coming from the same list tab column F. Same amount of entries. ComboBox 6 Row Source is ProjectNumber ComboBox 7 Row Source is TaskNumber Both of these lists will continue to grow since they are linked to another program for updates. There are multiple duplicate Project numbers. But, the multiple numbers have unique task numbers. What I need to do is once ComboBox 6 is populated on the userform I want the list of Task numbers to only show that are next to the Project numbers to populate ComboBox 7. Is there a way to do this ? Everything I found didn't work with using row source and the ones I found put names in quotes. All involved Case select with names. If there isn't a way to do this the only option I have is to have one combobox with the project numbers & task numbers combined which will make it more cumbersome to select. I appreciate the help with this.

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