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Hi, I have created a sheet which is almost like a time sheet. What I need to do is be able to subtract allocated breaks. But I don't need it to do it to all of them... This is my current formula which gives me most of what I want... {=((D3-B3)+(G3-E3)+(J3-H3)+(M3-K3)+(P3-N3)+(S3-Q3)+(V3-T3)-(Monday!H3)-(Tuesday!H3)-(Wednesday!H3)-(Thursday!H3)-(Friday!H3)-(Saturday!H3)-(Sunday!H3)} I don't know much about Excel, so sorry if it is an incorrect formula or could be simplified.. In the cell on the "Days Sheets" I currently have it set to 0:30 0:45 1:00 ... I want it to have 0:15, but I don't want that to be subtracted.. Basically what the sheet has is a bunch of times, and if they work over 5 hours, they have to take out 30mins or more depending on the length of the shift..

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