Excel: Excel time/date stamp of a cell change

Hey All, This must be one of the most common questions in Excel but all of the "solutions" that I have found while searching do not work (or I am not implementing properly). This is the problem: once a value changes in a cell on Sheet1, I need the corresponding cell in Sheet2 to get the Now() value when the cell on Sheet1 was changed. Ex: Sheet1!E6 gets a value - then Sheet2!E6 shows something like 2/17/12 8:45:33. I want this to be generic enough to apply to a range of cells, not just a one time event.... and such that all of the cells in Sheet2 holding the Now() value don't all display the exact same time like my failed attempts do. If VB is involved I need specific instructions on where to put in and please phrase it in a 4th grade level.;) Please:confused: My sanity is at stake here.

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