Excel: Excel Template becomes slow after adding 8000+ Supplier names

Hi, Good Evening from Sri Lanka, I created an excel module/template to add and sort certain Data of Suppliers. Sheet 1: This is where I add the Raw Data and sort them according to a structure Sheet 2: Here the existing Supplier list is available and the ones we include gets added Sheet 3: Variables like City Names, States and Countries are included here. The Template worked fine, until I fed the Supplier names to the Sheet 2. Since then "Calculating 2 Processors" thing starts to appear and I have to hit the Enter Button couple of times just to get the Data In, still just after I resume, the calculation starts to Kick in again... I seem to have an issue uploading the file, plus without the data its approx around 3mb. Any Suggestions? Or is there any way that I can share my Template for someone to have a look? Many Thanks.

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