Excel: excel 2010 return 1st cell in row based on varible cell reference

Assume "D" column of 5 cells each containing a number (ie 18, 25, 7, 11,32). Two rows below and in say D7 I want this formula =MIN(D1:D5). I want in C7 a formula to return the contents of the first cell in the row that contains the MIN value that shows in D7. However the MIN value will change when different numbers are put in the cells in column D1:D5 because the cell in D7 changes to show the new MIN. I was trying a formula using INDEX - I know this next one is incorrect but it was a start!! =INDEX(MIN(F7:F11),ROW()) So I need the contents of first cell from the row that happens to be the min value of col. range D1:D5 which varies with the inputted numbers in that column.

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