Excel: Excel 2010 does not recognize vba functions such as date and time, left etc

Hi, I have a workbook that has about 35 modules. The problem is that my wb is made in excel 2003, and works fine in excel 2007, but in excel 2010 I get the message of compile error in hidden module 1 etc. When I debug, I get error at the point that I have :

range("A1") = Dat
range("A2") = Time
range("A1") = left(range("A1"), 2)
The code breaks in various modules, some of which begin with "option explicit" and some do not. I have not been able to research the issue further because my wb is protected and I don't have excel 2010 in my pc, I can just try to use my colleagues' computer for a short while. I would really appreciate any of your ideas on this because more and more of the users of the wb want to upgrade to excel 2010 and i'm afraid I will not be able to support this.

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