Excel: embedded chart events, module confusion

Hi all I am confusing myself over where code needs to sit, and standard versus class modules. I have an embedded bar chart, that needs to run a macro when any of the bars are selected. when this was a chart sheet it worked fine, but I can seem to get it working as an embedded chart. Currently my class module looks like this:

Public WithEvents mychartclass As Chart

Private Sub mychartclass_Select(ByVal ElementID As Long, ByVal Arg1 As Long, ByVal Arg2 As Long)
      Application.Run "MFChart"
      MsgBox "Success"
End Sub
In the Thisworkbook code:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
      Application.Run "InitialiseChart"
End Sub
and in a standard module:

Sub InitialiseChart()
    Set myClassModule.mychartclass = Worksheets("Standards").ChartObjects(2).Chart
End Sub
what am i doing wrong, have i got something in the wrong place ? Many thanks for any help or guidance. Excel 2003 by the way. Simon

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