Excel: Electricity Acc. Formula

Hi Guys I have an electricity invoice which I would like to set up - the invoice is as follows : No of days = 31days Prev. Reading = 99966 Current Reading = 101418 Difference(Consumption) = 1452 Network charge @ 3.52 p/day for 31days = 109.12 Energy charge(0-600kwh) 600kwh @ 0.8208 = 492.48 Energy charge(> 600kwh) 852kwh @ 1.296 = 1 104.19 Sub Total 1 705.79 Vat at 14% 238.81 Total 1 944.60 The tricky part is Energy charge(0-600kwh) 600kwh @ 0.8208 as if the energy consumption was below 600kwh, lets say 500kwh, then the invoice would need to calculate 500kwh on the line with the (0-600kwh) and if it is more the 600kwh, as shown above, then the calculation needs to take the consumption figure and reduce it by 600 and then show the difference on the line(> 600kwh) and work out the amounts. Would anyone like to have a crack at working out a formula for the above. Many thanks Dave

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