Excel: Double Click Event In Shared WOrkbook

I have a Shared Workbook that 10 or 15 users are in and out of all day. In Column A on a few sheets I have a Before Double Click Event that launches a userform. The macro works for all users except this one person. I have tried several things: 1. I closed the file and Reopened it, to make sure that the user did not disable macros. 2. I checked the file on other users computers to see if the file was working properly (It was.) 3. I went to Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Macro Settings and Enabled All Macros on this User's system None of these actions corrected the issue. Does anyone have any idea would could be happening. The purpose of the BeforeDoubleClick Event is to store Columns A:E data and then let the user add more information through the form. Once the User fills out the UserForm. A:E is transferred to one of a number of sheets depending on criteria in the UserForm. A:E is transferred along with the new information that the user has entered in the UserForm. Another symptom is that on other computers when the Before Double Click Event is activated the Userform launches and the cursor does not appear in the cell until after the User Clicks a Command Button to Update Data on the Userform. On this individual's computer the cursor does appear in the cell without the Userform launching.... If anyone has any input or ideas I would love some feedback!

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