Excel: Divide two sumifs formula?

Hello, I have a sumifs equation i need help with. I have four columns, dates, id#, time, and calls. I have a sum ifs that check for the id and between a specific date range then it sums the time together, and then another equation that checks if its the same date range and id # then it adds the numbers. I want it to do this but also divide one by the other which will give me calls per hour. It would look something like this. Cell G1 would show the call per hour of Agent 200 by adding up all of column C if its within a specific date range and matches agent id 200 and then divide it by the sum of column D if again it matches id 200 and the same date range as before.

A b c d e f g h
1 Date ID Time Calls Employee Calls per hour Date Range
2 1/1/2014 200 20:20:00 200 200 1/1/2014
3 2/1/2014 201 31:21:20 300 201 3/1/2014
4 3/1/2014 200 22:22:22 300
5 4/1/2014 201 45:45:00 200
6 5/1/2014 200 30:30:00 200
Thanks for the support! great site!

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