Excel: divide an integer with time (in format "hh:mm")

Hi again! This question continues the the thread http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/733399-how-calculate-time-remaining-meetween-now-tomorrow-8-am.html For the best part of the last six hours I've tried to figure out how to proceed, but failed completely :crash: So once again, I've to ask for your help.... Let's say I want to calculate the infusion rate in ml/h

1 Opened Time Remaining (hh:mm) Volume in ml
2 =(TODAY()+1+"08:00:00")-NOW()
3 =NOW() 350
Rate in ml/h =D3/?
The formula I came closest with:
But not exactly:confused: Thanks in advance, as usually your answer will be duly appreciated //Peter

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