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I am currenlty using a "simple" macro to count the number of files in a particular folder. I was wondering if anyone can help me modify/adjust it so it only counts the number of files with today's date. Many thanks in advance! My script:

Sub DTSx()
Dim srch1 As String, found1 As Integer, i1 As Integer
For i1 = 4 To 4
     srch1 = "\\root\inbound\" & "*.835"
     found1 = 0
     If Dir(srch1) <> "" Then 'is there such a file?
               found1 = found1 + 1
          Loop While Dir() <> "" 'are there more such files
     End If
     Sheets("DTS Xmissions").Range("C" & i1) = found1
Next i1
I was able to find this using google, but am not sure how to incorporate it, or even if it would work.

Dim csvFiles = From csv In Directory.EnumerateFiles("DirectoryPath", "*Test.csv", IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories)
               Where File.GetCreationTime(csv).Date = Date.Today
For Each csvPath In csvFiles
If you are on .NET 2 as commented, you don't have Linq and Directory.EnumerateFiles, then use GetFiles and loops:

Dim csvFilesToday = New List(Of String)
For Each csv In Directory.GetFiles("DirectoryPath", "*Test.csv", IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories)
    If File.GetCreationTime(csv).Date = Date.Today Then
    End If

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