Excel: Determine what days fall in which week based on knowing only the Month and Year

Hey guys, I was wondering if it were possible (with NO VBA) to have the month and year in two cells and in another 5 cells indicate the days in each week. There is room to have as many helper cells as necessary. Below find an example of the before and after:

1 October 2014
2 Week1:
3 Week2:
4 Week3:
5 Week4:
6 Week5:
1 October 2014
2 Week1: 09/29-10/03
3 Week2: 10/06-10/10
4 Week3: 10/13-10/17
5 Week4: 10/20-10/24
6 Week5: 10/27-10/31
As you can see this basically emulates the calendar on your computer except it only indicates the range between Monday and Friday. I am open to the VBA resolution if there is no FORMULA only resolution, but am trying to avoid if possible so I don't have to change worksheet into a macro enabled worksheet. Thanks in advance Ty

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