Excel: Deleting Rows

Guys whats the quickest way of deleting rows that are greater than a specified date I have a column (H) that has a date in it there are 750 rows. I need to check each row and if the date in col H is greater than or equals to a specified date then the entire row is deleted. I have tried the standard select the row if >= and then entire.row.delete but it takes over 2 minutes for only 750 records and it doesnt delete all the rows that are greater than the date this is the code I have tried MyCount = Application.CountA(Worksheets("Tempdata").Range("C:C")) r = MyCount v = CDate(Worksheets("Change").Range("A4").Value) For s = 2 To r t = CDate(Worksheets("Tempdata").Range("I" & s).Value) If t >= v Then Worksheets("Tempdata").Rows(s).Select Worksheets("Tempdata").Rows(s).EntireRow.Delete End If Next s Any ideas Mark

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