Excel: Deleting Array Record

There are lots of hits when searching this topic but I've not found anything specific to my question which likely means it can't be done, but here goes: I have a range of cells in Excel that I set to an a range object cunningly named DATA_RNG. I need to evaluate that range object and delete some of the rows but since it has 43k rows x 30 columns I don't want to do that element by element. So I create an array by: DATA_ARRAY = DATA_RNG Let's say I want to delete record (row) 5 of DATA_ARRAY. I understand that there is no ARRAY.EntireRow.Delete object. Rather than move one element at a time then back again I'm wondering if I can do something like the following: dim DATA_ARRAY_DUMMY() DATA_ARRAY_DUMMY(1 to 4, 1 to 30) = DATA_ARRAY(1 to 4, 1 to 30) DATA_ARRAY_DUMMY(6 to 43000, 1 to 30) = DATA_ARRAY(6 to 43000, 1 to 30) Any thoughts are appreciated.

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