Excel: Delete Rows Based on the Value in Certain Column & Delete Columns For Only Some Rows

I have a spreadsheet where there is already data in rows 3 through 39, with rows 1 and 2 being the headers. I will be copying and pasting from another spreadsheet where the amount of data (number of rows) will differ every time I do the copy. I need to be able to run a macro which will only look at the data which I copy over (at the moment it is from row 40 downwards) and then within that data, I need to delete all rows which do not have "& Total" in column F. After this, I need to take the remaining data and delete columns F & G and shift everything over to the left. However, it should not delete any data above where I started copying from (at the moment it is from row 39 upwards). Any help is much appreciated.

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