Excel: Delete all text in a sheet except e-mail addresses for MailChimp purposes

Hi all, Does anybody here know whether it's possible to run some kind of script or macro to delete all text in an excel sheet except for the e-mail addresses in it? I have exported a mailing list from MailChimp, but I can't import it anymore, because the export made a very messy file. This is an example of what I have.

,,jp_55@hotmail.co.uk,2,,,"2016-08-23 08:03:14",,,,,,,,,"2016-08-23 08:03:14",114852441,41260214da,
,,Rucksana4567@gmail.com,2,,,"2016-08-27 13:43:09",,,,,,,,,"2016-08-27 13:43:09",114951541,126badcb6b,
,,amaanh68@gmail.com,2,,,"2016-08-28 08:03:49",,,,,,,,,"2016-08-28 08:03:49",114954829,982835bc1a,
So what I want, is to delete ALL the text except for the mail addresses. Does anybody know if this is possible? I'm using Excel on a Macbook Pro.

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