Excel: Date Reminder Help Please

Hi All, Thanks for taking the time to read my thread and help out, I have to admit I am not a pro at this so please be patient. I am on here all the time and can usually find what i need and can revise to make it work but this one im stuck on....so here goes....... I am working with an excel document which lists repairs needed to be completed and arrival dates. What i am looking to do is if the date in cell A1 has been passed by 4 days, I want excel to change the row of this item to a different colour to signify that this service needs to be addressed. Additionaly, however, and this is where im getting really stuck. I need excel to also send a notification email through outlook to all the technicians that this repair has passed the 4 day turnaround deadline. Is this possible at all? Can i set this up so that new entries are also covered by this rule? Thanks again all greatly appreciated!

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