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Dear Sir, I am seeking data formula/function that could calculate the number of days from the expected date to actual date. I can come up with formula to calculate the number of dates between real dates and expected dates. Here is the example parameters:

Range Definition: (days of month)
Beg 1-10 mid 11-20 End 21-30
[TR] [TD="align: right"]21-Dec-14
Expacted date for submission Actual Date Formula
[TABLE="width: 445"]
21-Dec-14 0
21-Dec-14 18-Dec-14 -3
21-Dec-14 27-Dec-14 6
Beg Dec 14 9-Dec-14 #VALUE!
End Dec 14 18-Dec-14 #VALUE!
Mid Dec 14 27-Dec-14 #VALUE!
[/TD] [/TR] How can i calculate date difference in case of date relate to particular range? Any one can help please. Regards Shehbaz [/TABLE]

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