Excel: Data log - sorting for two parameters and divide up in intervals. Plot specific log files

Hi, First time here and just started to look into Excel and VBA due to new challenges. The deal is: I have a data series measuring over time. (x-axis) To this series I have 20 something temperatures loggers. Two of those temperature loggers measuring parameters I want to sort for. e.g. I measure over 5 hours. The two parameters i set I can be changed during this time period. First hour Tm=50, Ta=70 Second hour Tm=70, Ta=70 Third hour Tm=90, Ta=70 Fourth hour Tm=90, Ta=50 Fifth hour Tm=70, Ta=40 The logger logs 20 other temperature measurements. What I want to do is to have a chart where I can choose which loggers I want to see and which set points. To do this I have written a basic VBA code where I simply hide/unhide the rows and columns I want to see by using TRUE/FALSE checkbox. To make this work I need to look into the data first and determine manually when Tm, Ta or both changes and write down the specific row. I have written in the name for each checkbox Tm and Ta. Furthermore I have written for each other logger a checkbox that hide/unhide the specific logger. I am sure this can be done much more convenient by inspecting the Tm and Ta using an algorithm and thereby extract the rows and values (average) for Tm and Ta and set them in the checkboxes.

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