Excel: Customized Sumproduct Function in Excel VBA

Dear Seniors, I am new user to VBA. I had created a Array sum product formula with multiple conditions. Now I would like to get help from this forum to create the same formula in Excel VBA. Presently I am using named ranges in my formula. But I would like to use the formula by selecting the dynamic ranges. Here is the formula I am using to calculate my result based on the Date in C1, DEPT Value in D1 {=SUMPRODUCT((DEPT=D1)*IF(((CPYFORIFD>0)*(CPYFORIFD<=C$1)),1 ,IF(((CPYFORIFA>0)*(CPYFORIFA<=C$1)),0.8,IF(((CPYF ORIFR>0)*(CPYFORIFR<=C$1)),0.6,0)))*(CPYWF))} where us CPYFORIFD, CPYFORIFA, CPYFORIFR are Named ranges which contains Dates & CPYWF is a Number. I am browsing the internet for last 2 weeks but I could not crack the code. Please help me to sort out this issue and this will help me a lot. My Inputs will be CPYFORIFD, CPYFORIFA, CPYFORIFR (Dates), CPYWF (Double) and DEPT (String) Thanks and Regards R. Vadivelan

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