Excel: Custom scientific notation format not working

I would like to modify the standard scientific notation format so that it shows 2 decimal places to the left and none to the right. So 123 million (123,000,000) would be "12 E+07" rather than "1.2 E+08". Here's an example. The default format is in C. The format I tried is in E. It works perfectly in E4 & E5, but in E6:E9, it has a leading zero. How can I get those to work like the ones above?

3 0.0 E+00 Formula 00 E+00 Description
4 6.4 E+11 =COMBIN(52,13) 64 E+10 Number of possible hands (13 cards)
5 8.1 E+67 =FACT(52) 81 E+66 Number of possible deals (4 hands)
6 20,136 =NumberHands/60/60/24/365 02 E+04 Years at one hand/second
7 2.6 E+60 =NumberDeals/60/60/24/365 03 E+60 Years at one deal/second
8 7.5 E+18 7.5E+18 08 E+18 Number of grains of sand on earth
9 1.4 E+10 13800000000 01 E+10 Number of seconds since the Big Bang

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