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I have a large table that I can run a cross tab query on. My issue is that when I run the cross tab query, there are some duplicates. I can find them by doing using the count function when running the query. Unfortunately, there are 1014 rows out of 16,000+ rows that have a duplicate some where in the row (anywhere there is not a 1 using the count function). Can anyone think of a fast, easy way to get at these to examine them? Right now, my best idea is to run the multiple times and compare them. I would run it once as a max function, and then as an average function. I could then compare the results. This would knock out the multiples where the value is the same (for example if the cell has the max value of 0 and the average value of 0, that would mean that all of the multiple values all have the value of 0). I would then have to go in manually and compare them. Of course, this is a very large database with about 60 columns, so if I were to compare the average crosstab query and the max crosstab query, I might run out of memory. I guess what I want to know is are there any easy ways to do this (like a tool) that might be built into microsoft access that my novice abilities do not know about? Thanks

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