Excel: Cross-Referencing Data in Different Worksheets

I have three worksheets I'm trying to work from. We will call them Worksheet 1, 2, and 3. I am trying to fill a column in worksheet 1, we will call it "Column B" for accuracy purposes. In order to fill this column, I would like to cross reference the data from Worksheets 2 and 3, and if a match is found, transpose it into "Column B" from Worksheet 1. For example. On Worksheet 2, "Column B," I have a string of data. Let's call this E, F, G, H, and I. And on the same worksheet, in "Column A," I have a particular reference number for each individual entry from "Column B." The same is the case with Worksheet 3, "Column A" and "Column B." What I want to do is this. If the data in Worksheet 2, "Column B" matches the data in Worksheet 1, "Column B," and/or if the data in Worksheet 3, "Column B" matches the data in Worksheet 1, "Column B," I want to be able to post a formula throughout Worksheet 1, "Column B," to cross reference both the other worksheets. This can also be done with just Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2, or Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 3, I just don't want to have to enter 10,000 cells of individual data. I hope I made this clear. In other words, IF W2-CB matches W1-CC, then input equivalent row data from W2-CA into W1-CB. Maybe THAT will explain it better.

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