Excel: Creating macro with expiration date

Hello! Today I need some creativity. I need to protect my VBA code from unauthorized sharing, but it must be a discreet protection (that is, all password protection is not an option). Currently I'm thinking about setting some expiration date hidden in the code (most possibly, people who will receive any unauthorized copy will not know much about VBA). Right now I have something like this:

If Date > DateValue("01-12-2017") Then
End If
It will just quietly exit macro without executing its code. A beginner will just think that my code doesn't work. Still, I would like to have something less obvious. With code like that, it's sufficient to find date (like year) with CTRL-F and change it. Can you give me some advice on some more hidden ways to code in a date after which the code will not work anymore? Thank you in advance!

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