Excel: Counting values within date range

Hi guys Pretty simple one for you lot I'm sure! Column A - 1000's of dates Column B - £'s Column C - £'s Column D - list of dates (ie Nov 16, Dec 16, Jan 17 etc) I'm currently using the following formula to count the number of instances of dates within a range: =COUNTIFS(!$A:$A,">="&D1,!$A:$A,"<"&EDATE(D1,1)) I need to amend it so that my formula: > looks in Column A and pulls out all dates within a range (so, as the above, only look at date instances in Nov 16) > if Column A is in Nov 16, the figure from Columns B & C are added together. Does that make sense? Let me know if it's doable, thanks guys! Kris

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