Excel: counting values from two different columns for epidemiology thesis

Hello guys, I can't figure out how to count multiple values from two different columns and I really don't use excel too often but my thesis is forcing me to, so it is a must to figure this out. All I want to know is the occurrences of diseases to a particular year. I have an excel file that has a messy record of diseases from our local hospital and it's my job to organize it by year (as my adviser wants me to) and the point of this is that so I can make some sort of graph for the defense of my thesis. Like for example, how many people got diagnosed with DENGUE in the year 2004 and the value DENGUE and the value 2004 are in separate columns. Does anyone know how to make a formula for this? I really am only familiar with the basics; I don't know how to make functions D:

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