Excel: Countifs with a two column range possible?

Morning to all. I am trying to have a cell to return how many times has it been seen the word FRE within two columns range and then match a second criteria for "Y". I can do it if the criteria range 1 is only one column based, but it won't work with two. My data is as this; * - A - B - C 1 -FRE - MIN - Y 2 -FRE - MIN - N 3 - - COM - Y 4 - - COM -Y 5 - FRE - BAS - N As example above, I want the countifs to look for "FRE" within Column A & B and retun how many "Y". In this case would be 1. Countifs function doesn't seem to like to look at two colomns for the range. I need it this way as MIN belongs to class FRE and COM is its own range. So I wil also look for "MIN". Any help much appreciated. Many thansk for all the support. Regards, Albert

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