Excel: Count Unique Values in a Cell - and the Entire Range that Cell Resides In

[I]I have a worksheet that has a column of cells but each cell has one to several field names. I find lots of guidance on counting unique values in a range of cells BUT not within cell and ranges. The values in the cells are alphanumeric field names such as COLCOD, A15OB, ACCTNO etc. The goal if not clear (the worksheet that this column is in has roughly 400 rows) is to count the unique instances of fields in the entire column BUT considering one cell in that column may have several fields as noted above. More specifically one cell might have: COLCOD A15OB ACCTNO In the above instance I need to return a unique count of 3. But as noted, those same fields could and will be referenced in other cells in the same column, and if those were the only fields, then the unique count of the column of cells would also be 3. Currently, the fields are not separated by commas and though they happen to lie vertically in the column, that is simply due to the column width, so I may I need to use commas to help delineate a change in fields. Greatly appreciate the help lads. I have found there to be plenty of brilliant people on this board and I know I can't be the first to have uncovered this need. Finally, I would prefer the solution be contained within Excel functions since if I introduce VBA I believe it will impair my ability to share the sheet and results with several people that the worksheet gets shared with. Thanks! Philo [/I]

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