Excel: Count - index - match problem

Hey Chaps I am basically trying to retrieve a date in column F with specific conditions. Basically I want to get the result (DATE) from after the DATE in cell E6 and E7. E.g Therefore CELL F6 should show 03/12/2012 because CELL E6 has the date of 26/11/2012 (<--- Hence M5[Date] Onwards). And F6 should show 06/11/2012 but instead shows 01/11/2012. My current formula pulls the very first date but what I want is the value/date onwards from cell E6-E7. REALLY SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURE ... I can't install HTML Genie at work so had to upload a photo! [IMG]Image and video hosting by TinyPic[/IMG] Again! SUPER APPRECIATIVE FOR ANY HELP OR GUIDANCE! Will donate to charity for your choice for your help! Kind regards Syed from England

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