Excel: Count If with multiple criteria and unique values

Hi, I dont know if this is possible or not but thought I'd ask anyway. I have a sheet of data and want to run a count on the values in Column A with the following criteria: - If the value in column B is repeated then the value in column A can only be counted once... - Column C must equal 'M'. Example: A.....B.....C 1.....42....M 1.....42....M 2.....41....A 2.....41....M 1.....56....M In this example 1 would be counted 2 times, and 2 would be counted once. I have about 15 sheets of data like this and would like a master sheet to look into each sheet and give me a count of each so id prefer to not use the advanced filter => unique variables option if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dixon.

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