Excel: Copying a Row Based on Coloumn Contents

Hi All, Firstly im sorry if this has been asnwered elsewhere. i have very limited experiance with excel and macros. I can do lookups with sharepoint and infopath, but havent got a clue about excel. Basicaly we have 1 database (so to speak) worksheet. What im looking for is a macro that searches this sheet, depending on a cell value and then copys the entire row to another worksheet. What i dont want it to do however is produce duplicates on the seperate tab if this makes sense. The below link, is the spreadsheet, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65121181/Membership.xls The Main Database tab would be TKDEL_Membership, So we would fill in what we need to, what we would then like is If Group - Contains Future TKD as an example It would then copy that row of data to the Future TKD tab. All in all, off top of my head there is about 26 groups, so this would 26 tabs so the macro would need obviously search these, and do as described. If someone could help me that would be super dooper.

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