Excel: Copy-Paste Data

I am a novice and hope somebody is able to help, I searched the forum with no luck. What I would like to do is copy the data in each corresponding row only if there is a "W" or a "P" in column AU3:AU12. So if AU12 has a "W" then all the data in row AW12:BI12 is copied to M3:Y3 same sheet, and if AU3 has a "P" then all the data in row AW3:BI3 is copied to AA3:AM3 same sheet. The next day whatever place (AU3:AU12) the "W" and "P" are, the correpsoning rows will be copied one row down as M4:Y4 for "W" criteria, and one row down as AA4:AM4 for the "P" criteria. Thanks. GL

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