Excel: Copy date from one workbook into other workbooks located in another folder, there is a common reference no. between them

I need to pull the date from one workbook called “log” (the date is in column B) and display it in another workbook (one of which is) called “MrepoA” . I will have approx 8 workbooks in a folder called: MrepoA, MrepoB, MrepoC , etc. that need to receive date information from the “log” workbook (which is located in another folder). We can relate the 2 different types of workbooks (log and Mrepo) with a number that is common between them. This number is called “log number”. The log number in the “log” file in column B. And the log number in all of the “Mrepo” files is in column E After the macro is run I should find that the date from the “log” has now been copied into all of the Mrepo files in a newly inserted column just before column F, based on the reference of “log number” which is common between files. I don't mind introducing a 3rd workbook in the folder where the "Mrepo" files are located and putting an "execute" button in this "Execute" workbook to start the macro. I will be introducing new Mrepo files in this folder each month so having a 3rd workbook which can stay in the folder might be helpful.

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