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Hello dear masters: I hope that each and every one of the participants of the forum are well in health, I proceed to my request: It turns out that I have an Excel document that I will use as a database so that some of the captured in different sheets (in the example I put two sheets ) Can be pasted into a Word template in a sort of Correspondence Combination, but vice versa and when positioning, in either of the two sheets, the row containing the information I require in the template and executing the macro, me I created a new document with the concatenation of the text "Memo" + data of the field ID [of the row where I am located] + the text "SLC" + another secondary field + termination (.docx) and (.pdf) Of course filling The data that I frame in the template in Word. I already have the macro, but something is missing to make it work. Initially in the tests if it worked (at least in saving the new document), but when going in the same it began to leave to the half. Sub Solic_LC() Dim WordApp As Object, Cell As Range Dim Minuta As Range, Recepcion_SLC As Range, ID_Programa_Int As Range, _ Programa_Pres As Range, Programa_Tipo_Apoyo As Range, Año As Range, Institucion As Range, _ NoConvenioConvocatoria As Range, MontoReintegroSolicitado As Range, MetodoPago As Range, _ Cve_interna As Range, Cve_externa As Range, NumeroLineaCaptura As Range, dato_extra As Range, Programa As Range With Sheets("Jovenes").Range("V4") Minuta = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 3) Recepcion_SLC = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 4) ID_Programa_Int = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 5) Programa_Pres = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 6) Programa_Tipo_Apoyo = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 7) Año = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 8) Institucion = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 9) NoConvenioConvocatoria = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 10) MontoReintegroSolicitado = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 11) MetodoPago = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 12) Cve_interna = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 13) Cve_externa = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 14) NumeroLineaCaptura = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 15) dato_extra = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 16) Programa = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 22) End With On Error Resume Next Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") WordApp.Documents.Open Filename:=ThisWorkbook.Path & "\_Memorandum SLC.dotx" WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Minuta").Value = Minuta WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Recepcion_SLC").Value = Recepcion_SLC WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("ID_Programa_Int").Value = ID_Programa_Int WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Programa_Pres").Value = Programa_Pres WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Programa_Tipo_Apoyo").Value = Programa_Tipo_Apoyo WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Año").Value = Año WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Institucion").Value = Institucion WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("NoConvenioConvocatoria").Value = NoConvenioConvocatoria WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("MontoReintegroSolicitado").Value = MontoReintegroSolicitado WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("MetodoPago").Value = MetodoPago WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Cve_interna").Value = Cve_interna WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Cve_externa").Value = Cve_externa WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("NumeroLineaCaptura").Value = NumeroLineaCaptura WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("dato_extra").Value = dato_extra WordApp.ActiveDocument.Variables("Programa").Value = Programa WordApp.ActiveDocument.Fields.Update WordApp.Selection.Goto What:=0 'Let's go to the beginning of the document 'Mostrar ventana WordApp.Visible = True 'I save the document with another name WordApp.Documents("_Memorandum SLC.dotx").SaveAs ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Memorandum " & Replace(Minuta, " ", "_") & " Solicitud de linea de captura" & " " & Replace(Programa, " ", "_") & ".docx" 'GUARDAR WORD 'pdf = wordApp.Documents("Memorandum SLC.dotx").ExportAsFixedFormat(ThisWorkbook.Path & "" & "Memorandum" & Replace(Minuta, " ", "_") & " Solicitud de linea de captura" & " " & Replace(Programa, " ", "_") & ".pdf", 17, False, 0, 0, , , 0, False, True, 1) 'GUARDAR PDF Set WordApp = Nothing End Sub Right-click the macro, and then attach the workbook to the macro and Word document template. Greetings and a thousand thanks for your attention and support. A big hug!

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