Excel: Copy Columns from one Workbook into another

Copy Columns from one Workbook into another, looping through sheets 6 to the last in the worksheet. Error message Compile Error: Duplicate declaration in current scope Sub CopyaColumnToWorkbook() Dim SourceWkb As Excel.Workbook Dim TargetWkb As Excel.Workbook Set SourceWkb = Workbooks.Open("I:\Documents\Transactional FX\Michael Kyte Projects\VBA.xlsm") Set TargetWkb = Workbooks.Open("I:\Documents\Transactional FX\Michael Kyte Projects\VBA1.xlsm") Dim SourceColumn As Range Dim TargetColumn As Range Set SourceColumn = SourceWkb.Worksheets(s).Columns("e:g") Set TargetColumn = TargetWkb.Worksheets(t).Columns("e:g") Dim ws_sourcecount As Integer Dim ws_targetcount As Integer ws_sourcecount = SourceWkb.Worksheets.Count ws_targetcount = TargetWkb.Worksheets.Count Dim s As Integer Dim t As Integer 'Begin loop For s = 7 To ws_sourcecount For t = 7 To ws_targetcount SourceWkb.Worksheets(s).Select 'just select the sheet 'Copy from first workbook SourceColumn.Copy TargetWkb.Worksheets(t).Select 'just select the sheet 'Paste formulas into second workbook 'Offset Paste (Offset 3 cell to the right) TargetColumn.Offset(0, 3).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteFormulas Next s Next t End Sub

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