Excel: Converting algorithm to formula ( embedded IF AND )

Morning, I have the following algorithm:

The part I have bolded repeats infinitely afterwards. I need to convert this into an excel formula. Where a 'Y' occurs, I want excel to return me the value in cell C2. I have the following formula: =IF(AND($D$7<>0,OR(D$3=$B5,C$3=$B5,D5+C5+B5=(2*$C$2))),$C$2,0) which gives me the NYYY, NYYY, NYYY etc. I have done this by saying if the previous month's column cell = the current month's row cell, return a value to get the first 'NY' part. I then repeated this to get to 'NYY', then have the condition that if the sum of the previous 3 cells = 2*the value in C2, give me a value to get NYYY, NYYY, NYYY etc. I need to add in something to get that first part of the algorithm above (not in bold). Any suggestions? Thank you

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