Excel: Converting a Number into Minutes:Seconds

OK, so it's Monday morning and I obviously cannot see the wood for the trees. This should be so simple, yet I am stumped. Somebody out there please put me out of my misery. :( An operator enters a recorded time on Sheet 1 (The data input sheet) He enters the time from an instrument display, and enters 3 values, measured in minutes and seconds. Input 1 = 4.52 (4 minutes and 52 seconds - the decimal point is used for a specific reason) Input 2 = 4.45 Input 3 = 5.02 (The above fields can be any format, as long as the operator enters "number dot number") On another sheet (The Results Output Sheet), I need to see the following: (Remember, the times are entered as minutes and seconds). Time 1 = 4:52 Time 2 = 4:45 Time 3 = 5:02 Average Time = 4:53 For the life of me, I cannot seem to get this to work. Please provide formulae (if required) and range formats. Thanks, appreciated.

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