Excel: convert formula to code please

is there a way that I can convert this formula to code? it seems it is too long now and the last part of the formula does not work =IF(B14="cedar conversion",ROUNDUP(B16/10,0),IF(B14="plywood over shiplap tear off",ROUNDUP(B16/10,0),IF(B14="2 layer plywood over shiplap",ROUNDUP(B16/10,0),IF(B14="3 layer plywood over shiplap",ROUNDUP(B16/10,0),IF(B14="1 layer on cedar tear off",ROUNDUP(B16/10,0),IF(B14="2 layer on cedar tear off",ROUNDUP(B16/10,0),IF(B14="3 layer on cedar tear off",ROUNDUP(B16/10,0),"")))))))

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