Excel: Convert date field stored as a short text to date that will allow me to figure out number of days between

I have data that I have to copy off of a website in order to get data for my boss. Unfortunately at this time the website does not allow me to export to excel or give me any type of report. Therefore, I have copied the data into an excel spreadsheet. One of the columns is a date-time field (8/21/2014 12:56 PM). I believe this field is a short text as it appears as that when I import it into excel. This is where i am having problems. TExt to column doesn't change anything in this field. Changing the format type also doesn't change the information in this field. I want to be able to figure out how many days from today is the date in the column. =today() - the date in spreadsheet - when I do this formula I get a #value I have tried int(a2), left(a2, 10) and nothing seems to work Using Microsoft 2013

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