Excel: Consecutive cell count (with a catch)

Hi - thank you for viewing and I hope you can help me out. Quite simply, in column A I have a list of all the dates in 2015 beginning on Jan 1st. For this example, Column B contains a name. Vacation days are entered in column B (marked with a 'V'). In cell B2 I want to add a check for whether or not the person has taken off 10 consecutive weekdays (i.e. 2 weeks holidays) at any point throughout the year. I'm tempted to write a macro to loop through the cells but desperately want to avoid that. Is this possible using some kind or array formula? Many thanks in advance.

Date John
2 Weeks Consecutive Holidays? [Y/N]
Thu-01-Jan V
Fri-02-Jan V
Mon-05-Jan V
Tue-06-Jan V
Wed-07-Jan V
Thu-08-Jan V
Fri-09-Jan V
Mon-12-Jan V
Tue-13-Jan V
Wed-14-Jan V

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